July 22, 2016


I just moved blog hosting sites! Hehe. You can now view my blog over at shevahh.com/blog!

June 24, 2016

doodle bop

IMG_8004-1 day 1

I always pick arguments with my boyfriend and then when he says what I wanted to hear I tell him he's being fake. I mean, at least wait a few hours, right? I don't know why we do these things. Hashtag GURLLLLLL. Gotta give them credit for trying and caring.


June 21, 2016

caught up

netted meshtop SHEVAHHMESH white mesh top, black bra top, black boyfriend jeans, one strap heels

I've always really loved this mesh top. I think a few years back I posted it in an outfit of the day. I honestly do not know why I love it so much. Maybe it's the 90's aspect of it. You guys know how much I love that. It is a little risque. Definitely not for the conservative dresser.

The heat these past few days has been absolutely unbearable for me. I live in The Valley in Los Angeles, if you didn't know. Yesterday my AC units weren't working..like at all. Anyway, I think some of my brain cells have just died forever as a result.


June 14, 2016

i need you now

shevahpablo kanyewestpablo shevahpullover pablopopupshop kanyewest kanye west's "i feel like pablo" pullover, eyeball hat that i designed for bad meaning good, american apparel denim shorts, white vans, tan sheer socks from bad meaning good

I've never been one to wait in long lines for any type of merchandise. I tend to avoid situations where I'll be around a mass amount of people for essentially no reason. Sometimes, even theme parks make me a bit uneasy. Alas, I was at the Kanye West Pablo pop up shop with my boyfriend. I stayed with him almost the entire time but I had to go to work half way through. He was sweet enough to buy me this pullover and to acquire a hoodie for Nadia as well.

Oh, also, I made these hats for Bad Meaning Good. A new online store specializing in awesome things. I'm most excited about this orange version because..well..you know.


June 8, 2016


thelinebyk bodysuit thelinebykarladeras denimshevah bodysuit from the line by k, ripped mom jeans, clear lucite heels

I love The Line by K so much. The clean lines and great quality of the pieces are amazing. I've always been super into the perfect basic pieces. These clear heels are also pretty amazing. Possibly because I always feel like shoes ruin outfits and these clear ones just kinda look like fake Cinderella slippers.